Uploading KVIKS for 8:10am Playback

by Luke Eclipse-Ujano Updated

(Version 04082019.01)

1. Select Full Screen Alerts

2. Select Full Screen Tag and Full Alert

3. Select Alerts

4. Press New

5. Select Full Screen Video Template

6. Rename

7. Upload Media

Press Magnifying Glass to Upload the Video

7.1. Press Browse to Upload

Upload the YouTube compressed version of the bulletin.

8. Click on the Orange Arrow

Once the video is done uploading, click on the orange arrow to the right of the file name. This allows you to preview the media.

9. Log the video length

In the bottom left corner, the length of the video is stated. We need this for the Scheduling step.

10. Schedule Video

  1. Press Schedule Tab
  2. Set Always Active to: NO
  3. Change Start Date to the date of the bulletin
  4. Set start time to 8:10:00 am
  5. Make sure the end date is the same as the start date.
  6. Set end time to the duration plus 8 seconds. If the video is 7 minutes 26 seconds long like in the photo, the end time would be 08:17:34 am

11. Press Publish

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