Creating new SIS Portal Accounts (Students)

by Luke Eclipse-Ujano Updated on

Students do not get to use an activation code to create their account. Typically, this process is already automated by the HIDOE, but if a student needs additional help, here is how portal managers can create their account for them.

1. Log in to Infinite Campus Production Website

Infinite Campus - Mozilla Firefox

2. Search for Student

  1. Click on Search
  2. Search for Student
  3. Click on Student

3. Copy State ID

Copy the 10 Digit State ID Number for the Student

4. Change Search Parameter to User

5. Type in Name of Student

Last Name, First Name

6. Click on Student

If the student already had an account, their account username will appear under their name.

7. Enter Credentials

  1. Paste State ID as the Username
  2. Enter a Strong Password
  3. Homepage: Campus Portal


8. Press Create User

9. Force Password Change

  1. Select Force Password Change
  2. Save
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