Adding Student ID Number to Infinite Campus

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To assist with automating the hero k12 system, we need to add a student's local ID number or, "PIN number" to Infinite Campus. This tutorial is unique only to Hilo High School.

1. Access Infinite Campus Production Site

Infinite Campus - Mozilla Firefox

2. Search and Select Student

  1. Click on the Search tab
  2. Search for Student
  3. Select Student
Infinite Campus - Mozilla Firefox

3. Index >> Census >> People

  1. After selecting the student, go back to the Index Tab
  2. Click on Census
  3. Click on People
Infinite Campus - Mozilla Firefox

4. Student Demographics

A special demographics page will open for this specific student. Continue if the page looks like this.

Infinite Campus - Mozilla Firefox

5. Scroll to Personal Contact Information

Scroll all the way down to the bottom to find the Personal Contact Information section.

Infinite Campus - Mozilla Firefox

6. Add Comment

In the Personal Contact Information section, look for the Comments section. Add ONLY the student's 8 digit student ID/PIN number.

If there are any special notes, check to see if those notes were transferred to flags first. Copy and paste the existing comments and email Registrar. After you send the email, delete the original notes, and add the student ID number.

Infinite Campus - Mozilla Firefox

7. Scroll Up and Save

Infinite Campus - Mozilla Firefox
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