Creating Assignments

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Now that you have configured your grade book and created your categories, now you can start adding assignments!

1. Select Term, Period and Quarter

Go to the Grade Book in the Infinite Campus Instruction Portal. Select the term, section and task. You can tell the period on the section by the number at the beginning of it. The task should be set to quarter since this is for their quarter grades.

Grade Book | Infinite Campus - Mozilla Firefox

2. Click on +Add

Grade Book | Infinite Campus - Mozilla Firefox

3. Assignment Details

  1. Add an Assignment Name
  2. Create a unique Abbreviation for quick reference on the gradebook
  3. Leave Portal checkmarked if you want students and parents to view it.
  4. Add assigned and due date
  5. GB Seq stands for: Gradebook Sequence. By default, this is set to number 1.00. Change this number as you create new assignments so that they appear in an order that you set. The higher the number, the farther on the right  it will be in your gradebook. Typically, assignments are created from left to right, or sequence 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.
  6. Select Category
  7. Include in Grade Calculation (Either checkmark or leave it empty)
  8. Set Scoring Type, Total Points and Multiplier
Grade Book | Infinite Campus - Mozilla Firefox

4. Save

When you finished adding your assignment details, click on Save in the lower right corner.

Grade Book | Infinite Campus - Mozilla Firefox

5. Done

Your assignment will now appear in the grade book with its abbreviation and sequence.

Grade Book | Infinite Campus - Mozilla Firefox

Tip: We sometimes get teachers calling saying that they can't find new assignments. Most times, it is because they don't change the sequence number, so their assignments organize alphabetically using Sequence 1.00. They find the assignments toward the front of their grade book because of this.

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