Reset Student Passwords (Infinite Campus)

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A student comes in or submits a request for a password reset. Follow this tutorial to do it for them as Portal Manager.

1. Go to Infinite Campus Production Portal

Infinite Campus - Mozilla Firefox

2. Search for Student

  1. Click on Search Tab
  2. Search for Student
  3. Select Student

Click here for a student search tutorial.

Infinite Campus - Mozilla Firefox

3. Confirm Student Details

If a student comes in person to have a password reset, request to see their school ID or an official state ID or drivers license. Confirm that the student coming in matches their ID.

If the student does not have an ID with them, ask them information only they would know from the Infinite Campus information screen. Questions like: Date of Birth, what road they live on, parent's name, email, etc.

Do not interrogate them, usually depending on how they answer, you can tell if it is them or not.

If a request for a password reset comes through email, only reply to their official school email address.

Infinite Campus - Mozilla Firefox

4. Copy State ID Number

After confirming the identity of the student, copy their 10-digit State ID number.

Infinite Campus - Mozilla Firefox

5. Search with State ID Number

  1. Change Search Parameter to User
  2. Paste and Search State ID Number
  3. Click on User
Infinite Campus - Mozilla Firefox

6. Click on Reset Password

Infinite Campus - Mozilla Firefox

7. Set Password

Create a simple, yet strong password for them. Make sure the strength is at 100% to continue.

Infinite Campus - Mozilla Firefox

8. (Optional) Force Password Change

If you set a generic password, click on: Force Password Change, then press Save.

If you determine that a student is incapable of using their own personal password. You can uncheck the Force Password Change button.

However, if you want them to change their password, checkmark: Force Password Change

If you had the student manually type in their own password, you can uncheck Force Password Change since they already set their own password.

Infinite Campus - Mozilla Firefox
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