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To access the teacher version of Infinite Campus, you must use the appropriate link that is DIFFERENT than the parent portal. Instructions for HIDOE staff to access the Student Information System is different than a campus portal user trying to check grades.

Recommended Browser: Mozilla Firefox

1. Login to Infinite Campus

Click on the Login to Infinite Campus button.

Hawaii Department of Education Login - Mozilla Firefox

2. Enter HIDOE Azure Username

  1. Your HIDOE Azure Username is your 8-digit employee ID number followed by @k12.hi.us
  2. Click Next
Sign in to your account - Mozilla Firefox

3. Enter your HIDOE Azure Password

Enter your password, then press Sign in

This password changes every 180 days, or six months.

Sign in to your account - Mozilla Firefox

4. (Optional) Stay Signed In?

Pressing Yes means you will see the log in window less, but you run the risk of others gaining access to the student information system. Only click yes if your computer is used only by yourself, and you always remain in control of it.

Sign in to your account - Mozilla Firefox

5. Log In Successful

If you see this message, then logging in is complete.

Infinite Campus - Mozilla Firefox

6. Check School Year

Sometimes, Infinite Campus may load into the wrong school year.

6.1. Click on a Section

In the top right corner of the website, you will see a bell and if you have a class assigned to you, you will see one of the sections assigned directly to the left of it. Click on it to get started.

Infinite Campus - Mozilla Firefox

6.2. Check Year and School

Infinite Campus - Mozilla Firefox


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