Removing or Updating Saved Passwords (Firefox)

by Luke Eclipse-Ujano Updated on

As different websites ask you to change passwords regularly, you may be faced with a problem as your browser autofills your log in credentials with the wrong password! Here is how to remove the saved log in on Mozilla Firefox.

  1. Click on the three line menu icon in the top right corner of the browser.
  2. Click on Logins and Passwords. The icon looks like a key.
    1. If it is not there, click on Options then click on Logins and Passwords
Infinite Campus - Mozilla Firefox

2. Click on Website

Click on the website with the saved log in to get started.

Infinite Campus logins are saved under: login.microsoftonline.com

Logins & Passwords - Mozilla Firefox

Edit Login

Click on the edit icon to edit the username and password for this website.


Logins & Passwords - Mozilla Firefox

Edit Username and Password

Update the username and/or password as needed, then press Save Changes

Logins & Passwords - Mozilla Firefox

Remove Login

Logins & Passwords - Mozilla Firefox

Press Remove

Logins & Passwords - Mozilla Firefox
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