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by Luke Eclipse-Ujano Updated Feb 27, 2020

Quick Link:

The best way to schedule a Webex Meeting is from the Cissco Webex Website. Click on the quick link above.

1. Webex Site Menus

Click on the, "hamburger" icon to view Webex Site Menus

2. Click on: Webex Meetings

Webex Enterprise Site - Google Chrome

3. Click on: Schedule a Meeting

Webex Meetings - Google Chrome

4. Add Details

Webex Meetings - Google Chrome

5. Add Attendees

  1. Add Email Addresses of those you want to invite.
  2. Check: Send a copy of the invitation email to me
    1. You can then forward the email to others who may have been missed.
Webex Meetings - Google Chrome

6. Change audio conference

Webex Meetings - Google Chrome

7. Audio Conference Settings

  1. Conference Type: Webex Audio
  2. Check both boxes
  3. Press OK
Audio Conference Settings - Google Chrome

8. Confirm Details and Start/Schedule

Webex Meetings - Google Chrome

8.1. Schedule a Meeting

Meetings happening within five minutes will have the option to start the meeting right away. Meetings scheduled more than 5 minutes from the current time will show the schedule button.

Webex Meetings - Google Chrome
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