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by Luke Eclipse-Ujano Updated Apr 12, 2020

What kind of device are you hosting from?

1. Personal Mute and Video Settings

Your mute and video buttons are located in the lower left corner of the Zoom meeting.

Zoom Meeting ID: 264-655-029

2. Security

As of April 8, 2020, Zoom has an update that has Security settings available


Here, you can quickly Lock the Meeting, Enable waiting room, Allow participants to Share Screen, Chat or Rename Themselves.

Recommended Settings:

  • Enable Waiting Room
  • Allow Participants to:
3. Inviting Others

Click on Manage Participants


Click on Invite

3.1. Copy URL or Invitation

Copy either the URL or Invitation, then email it a participant.


4. Managing Participants

Zoom Meeting ID: 264-655-029
Zoom Meeting ID: 264-655-029
4.1. Waiting Room

If the waiting room option is enabled, you will have to admit participants in manually.

4.2. Muting Participants

You can mute and unmute participants individually.

4.3. Unmuting Participants

If you muted a participant, you can unmute them at will.

However, if a participant muted themselves, they will be asked to unmute themselves.

4.4. Stopping Participant Video

If a participant's video is being disruptive, you can hover over the participant, click on More > Stop Video

The participant will not be able to turn it back on for the remainder of the meeting.


5. Sharing Screen

Click on Share Screen

Zoom Meeting ID: 264-655-029
5.1. Select a Window and Sound Options

You can choose a specific application or screen to share, then press Share

(Optional) If you are planning on sharing a video, turn on the Share computer sound and Optimize Screen Sharing for Video clip option in the lower right corner. If you do turn on Optimize Screen Sharing, you will stop seeing your participants until you stop screen sharing.

5.2. Additional Security Controls

When you share your screen, if you have left the setting for annotation enabled, you can disable that feature from participants in the security tab.

ScreenSteps - Google Chrome
6. Record Meeting

If you want to record the meeting, click on Record

Zoom Meeting ID: 767-096-900

To stop or pause recording, the icons will be in the same place as the record button.

Zoom Meeting ID: 767-096-900

Recordings are automatically saved to your Documents folder, and will start to process after the meeting is over.

7. Chat
Zoom Meeting ID: 767-096-900
7.1. Send to: Everyone
7.2. Private 1:1 Messages

Click on Everyone, then select a Participant to privately chat 1:1


8. Ending the Meeting for All

When the meeting is over, you can end it for everyone by clicking on End Meeting, then End Meeting for All

Zoom Meeting ID: 767-096-900
Zoom Meeting ID: 767-096-900
Congratulations, you are done!
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