Provision an Adobe Spark License to an account

by Luke Eclipse-Ujano Updated Nov 21, 2020

This tutorial will show you how to assign an Adobe Spark for K-12 license to a account.

Quick Link: To access this site, you must be already assigned as an Adobe Administrator

1. Select Adobe Spark for K-12 - 2 GB

Under Products and services, select Adobe Spark for K-12 - 2 GB

Admin Console - Google Chrome

2. Select Users

Admin Console - Google Chrome

4. Type in a Name or Viking Email Address

Once you found a student, click on their name to continue.

You will find more success in typing a partial name, rather than a full name.

Admin Console - Google Chrome

5. Select a Profile

Click on Search or Select profiles, then select Default Adobe Spark for K-12 - 2 GB configuration

Admin Console - Google Chrome

6. Confirm and Save

  1. Check to see that the profile was selected
  2. Check to see if Adobe Spark is listed under products
  3. Save to finish
Admin Console - Google Chrome
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