Instant Replay with VMIX

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This may not be the $20,000 instant replay system we want, but it's the one we have.. and it works.

Set Up Web Presenter

SDI IN: AUX on the Big Black Box
USB C: USB C on Instant Replay Computer

AUX on the Big Black Box is OUTPUT 2 on the Constellation. To change camera angle, use the ATEM Control Software on KVIKS-MOBILE-3.

Output Signal to Big Black Box

This is how the instant replay on VMIX sends to the live stream equipment.

HDMI from Computer to HDMI to SDI Microconverter
SDI OUT from HDMI to SDI Microconverter to CAM8 on the Big Black Box

Audio Follows Video

On the ATEM Control Panel, go to Audio, then XXX, check that AFV is enabled. This will ensure that if the music track is enabled on a highlight reel or event playback, it will automatically play when faded to it.

Setting Up Stinger Transition on ATEM


If your VMIX window looks brand spanking new, then click on the arrow next to Open, then VMIX Instant Replay. If it's not there, press Open and look for the preset in the Documents folder.

vMix 4K - x64
vMix 4K - x64

VMIX Settings

Make sure Web Presenter HD is on the LEFT and VMIX Instant Reply - A is on the RIGHT. To better understand this, pretend this is a switcher, the preview is on the LEFT and the program is on the right. Select VMIX Instant Replay - A, then press CUT, then select Web Presenter HD to preview it.

vMix 4K - x64 - last.vmix

Fullscreen must be GREEN, whatever is in the PROGRAM window on the right is what is going to be played on the second display.

vMix 4K - x64 - last.vmix

Click on Instant Replay tab

vMix 4K - x64 - VMIX Instant Replay.vmix

Start Recording

This will begin the Instant Replay Buffer. It will turn red when it is recording.

vMix 4K - x64 - last.vmix

Verify that the time remaining is adequate for your current event.

vMix 4K - x64 - last.vmix

Saving an Instant Replay

Press either -5, -10, -20 to save the last 5, 10 or 20 seconds.

vMix 4K - x64 - last.vmix

Adjusting Speed

You can change the speed of the clip easily by pressing 25 - 100% or use the fader. This can be done before or while a clip is playing.

vMix 4K - x64 - last.vmix

Playing the Last Saved Replay

Press the button in the image below to play the last saved replay.

vMix 4K - x64 - last.vmix

Pausing or Stopping a Replay

Press the PAUSE button to stop a replay.

vMix 4K - x64 - VMIX Instant Replay.vmix

Playing a Specific Replay from In to Out

Want a clip to start playing and then stop playing at the timecodes?

Click on a clip, then press the Play Events button. When you play events, it will play music if enabled.

vMix 4K - x64 - last.vmix

Playing a Specific Replay from IN

You can easily play a specific replay, but it will continue playing past its out point if you do it this way.

Click on a specific clip, then press Play

vMix 4K - x64 - last.vmix

Clip Organization

Tagging a Clip

To tag a clip, right click near the right side of the white square and either type in or select a tag.

Clip Folders

The tabs labeled 1 through 20 are folders you can use to keep organized. Ideally, you would want to utilize one folder per quarter, then at the end of a quarter, copy over the best shots to another folder as a highlight reel.

vMix 4K - x64 - last.vmix

Moving or Copying Clips to another Folder

Right click on a clip and either move to or copy to another folder.

Be sure to make any timecode or tag changes first so that it copies over. Any changes made after the copy will not transfer to the copied clip.

vMix 4K - x64 - last.vmix

Copy/Move Multiple Clips

Press Shift to Select Multiple in a Row

Press Ctrl to Select Individual Clips

From here you can right click and move or copy to another folder.

vMix 4K - x64 - last.vmix

Adjusting Timecodes

Started the clip capture too late or ended it too short? Want to make a clip shorter or longer?

Click and drag left or right on the IN or OUT timecode to make modifications.

vMix 4K - x64 - last.vmix

Watch the clip first and look at the timecode underneath the video to determine your new In/Out points.

vMix 4K - x64 - VMIX Instant Replay.vmix

Playing a Highlight Reel

Read the extra features highlighted in Clip Organization and Clip Adjustments. Then do the following.

Assign a specific folder as your highlight reel, locate clips, then copy it to that folder. Locate clips easily by searching for TAGS that you did during the game.

  1. Once you have clips ready to play, go to your highlights folder, then select the clips you wish to play.
  2. Want it to play music? Enable music.
  3. Want it to loop? Enable loop.
  4. Press Play Events


vMix 4K - x64 - last.vmix

Exporting Clips

The videos are not automatically clipped and saved, to save the videos individually, select the videos, then click on Export Clips.

vMix 4K - x64 - VMIX Instant Replay.vmix

Click on browse

Export Replay Events

Go to the root EXPORT folder, then create a new folder by using keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+N. Label the folder with the date and event. Enter the folder then press SELECT.

Export Replay Events
  1. Quality: MP4 High Quality
  2. Export: Selected
  3. Checkmark: Export each event separately.
  4. Press Export
Export Replay Events

Exporting Highlight Clips

  1. Copy all the highlights into one folder, then Export.
  2. Stay organized. Create a new folder exclusively for that event's highlights. If you are not exporting anything else but the highlights, then you can label the folder: DATE, EVENT, Highlights
  3. For simplification purposes, please create one folder per GAME or EVENT.
01182023 Testing

Deleting All Clips

When you have completely confirmed that all highlights and clips you want to save have been exported and saved, do the following to clear out the instant replay cache.

Verify that all the clips you want have definitely exported.


Turn off Recording

vMix 4K - x64 - VMIX Instant Replay.vmix

Click on Settings in the Instant Replay window.

vMix 4K - x64 - VMIX Instant Replay.vmix

Press Delete All

Configure Instant Replay

Press Yes

Configure Instant Replay
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