Setting Up Instant Replay Transition

by Luke Eclipse-Ujano Updated on

Every time you turn on the Constellation, you have to re-add the transition file to the media pool.

Go to Media in the ATEM Software Control

Usually done on KVIKS-MOBILE-3

Drag and Drop KVIKS-IR-STING

Open a finder window, navigate to ATEM Transitions. You can find it on the sidebar OR in the Documents folder.

Click and drag the folder to CLIP 1

Confirm Transition Settings

Go to the Switcher Tab, under Palettes, go to Transitions. Select Stinger, then check to make sure the following settings are made:

  1. Source: Media Player 1
  2. Clip Duration: 1:15
  3. Trigger Point 1:10
  4. Mix Rate: 0:01
  5. Pre Roll: 0:02
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